Popup Calendar: Javascript Popup Calendar and Date Selector

version 2.0.6 (2003/01/16):
        * screen placement setting

version 2.0.5 (2002/11/21):
        * added code to check for existing calendar window...and bringing to front
        * option to use today as first date highlighted in calendar rather than date from field
        * fixed bug when 1st was on Sunday and Monday was start of the week

version 2.0.4
        * wasn't parsing language date format properly when passing date to calendar from form
        * localization is an option for calendar by passing language array from opener

version 2.0.3
        * calendar can now be set to start on monday
        * date format reduced to just arranging 'm' 'd' 'y' in any order
        * fixed padding when date is passed down for days and months < 10 (padded with zero)
        * pulled out weekdays into an array so that the next step is localization

version 2.0.2
        * Improvements for Netscape 4 compatibility
        * More code clean-up and consistent design
        * bug fixes 

version 2.0.1
        * Lot's of code cleanup
        * colors are now configured in an associative array for things like templates
        * Slightly more compacted design
        * speed enhancements and more efficient code
        * an inkling of documentation