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A wiki is an interactive website that allows all users to participate in the knowledge sharing process. MojaveWiki, in particular, has been setup to provide tips, tutorials, and various other artifacts related to software development and open source. By archiving these tidbits of information, it will free our brains, in particular mine, from attempting to manage all the information that piles up every day, so that it may be free to accept new ideas.

The goals of this site are simple. I want to have a place where I can easily maintain all the essays and thoughts that float around in my head but never make it to paper. Knowledge is worthless unless it is shared. The only way to reasonably enable sharing is to remove as many obstacles as possible. MojaveWiki offers a clean solution to creating content without much effort. Almost every agile development book I read suggests the use of a wiki, and I agree. Some pages will be rants, other raves, but most will be overviews of techniques I have found helpful to me in the never ending effort to build a castle in the sand.

Starting Points

  • Where To Begin? - Learn what this wiki is about and how to get started using it.
  • Tips, Tricks and HOWTOs - Ah, yes. The good stuff. When there isn’t time for the manual, look here.
  • Install Notes - Notes I record while installing a new linux distribution or program.
  • Digital Whiteboard - Ideas in progress that will perhaps mature into formal topics.
  • Code Snippets - Can I put it any simpler? Snippets of both standalone and extension code.
  • Research Notebook - Notes taken from research, either from books or studying code.
  • Java Department - A section dedicated to the Java environment and Java application development.

Special Wiki Pages

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