Forums Closed


After almost three years of running the open-source phpBB2 software on, I have decided to search for alternative means of communication for my software projects. This year alone the forums have been hacked into four times and I simply cannot afford the stress of having to constantly keep phpBB modded and patched.

Each of my projects has its own page on the main site. I have shifted the discussions for the projects over to (dom-menu, dom-tooltip, shoutchat), which offers web-based access to the global news server.

Obviously, since I am no longer using the phpBB software, I will no longer continue to develop the mycalendar_mod. All the sourcecode is available on the mycalendar project page, and is free for the taking. I will be working to migrate the archives of the mycalendar_mod to a google group in the coming weeks, as well as any other useful information in the forum archive.

See ya around!

Dan Allen (aka mojavelinux)