Dan's Biography

Dan Allen is an enthusiastic programmer, Linux advocate, creative writer, and most importantly, a passionate husband. According to Google, this Dan Allen is one of the most important of his kind. Doubtful, but Dan would like to thank Google for the gesture. At least it makes sharing links at social gatherings a lot easier. As Dan will tell you,

Google it baby!

Dan AllenDan is the founder and principal of Mojavelinux.com, a (not yet veritable) software consulting firm focused on the design and development of open source applications, open standards, and Linux. Dan's primary focus at this time is on soaking up as much knowledge on both the underlying technologies and the industry. He is currently employed full-time by CodeRyte to build a web application for coding and approval of medical notes. Due to severe time restrictions, Mojavelinux.com is aligned as a sandbox for Dan's articles, commentary, open source projects, and advice.

Although Dan has been accused at certain periods during his life of being egotistical, you will find that Dan is a pretty humble guy. If you are browsing his posts, you are sure to find him saying, in the most genuine manner, "I do what I can."

Dan has a strong passion for technology and software. When asked to explain why, he felt that it would be better just to recommend words that were already said.

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